UFC Ref Marc Goddard Fires Back At Critics Over Controversial Stoppages

Controversial stoppages happen all the time in the UFC and one ref is defending himself from the critics.

Throughout the years, MMA ref Marc Goddard has found himself at the center of controversy over questional stoppages.

There’s even a 11 minute compilate on Youtube detailing Goddard’s mistakes in the Octagon.

In an interview with MIXX Sports Media, Goddard fired back at his critics who have questioned his stoppages.

“It’s part of the job unfortunately. As a referee, sometimes your decisions are gonna please half of the room and piss off the other half.

I’m extremely comfortable [with the Pereira vs Prochazka stoppage]. I have nothing but respect for Jiri. I like Alex [Pereira] a lot, I know what he’s capable of.”