UFC Legends Daniel Cormier And Chael Sonnen Want Joaquin Buckley To Replace Derrick Lewis On The UFC St. Louis Card

Joaquin Buckley is gaining momentum to headline a card his hometown of St. Louis.

On Saturday night, Buckley quickly dispatched Vicente Luque to earn himself a top 15 UFC ranking.

After the fight, Buckley called on the UFC to feature him on the upcoming UFC St. Louis card that is currently being headlined by Derrick Lewis.

On Wednesday, ESPN commentators and former UFC fighters Daniel Cormier and Chael Sonnen agreed that Buckley should headline the card in St.Louis.

Cormier: “I say let him do it. Give Buckley an opportunity at fighting five rounds for a chance at moving up the rankings and main eventing a card. I think it would be a great time, and I think it would be fun.”

Chael: “We have never had anybody try to steal a card placement. We’ve never had somebody try to steal a main event once it’s announced. If he’s got a good enough arguement, he’s breaking the top 10, oh by the way, you’re telling me Missouri is his home territory? I’m with you partner. I want to see him go for it. We’ll back him up over here. And it’s not like Derrick Lewis and his dance partner wouldn’t like to come down to three rounds. Buckley, you go out there. If that’s your hometown, that’s your card. Go steal that spot.”

Buckley was excited about Sonnen and Cormier coming to his defense.