UFC Commentator Laura Sanko Blasts Former UFC Fighter Critical Of Her Commentary

Laura Sanko is not gonna put up with any slander about her commentary.

Over the weekend, Sanko commentated this Saturday’s UFC Fight Night. During the event, former UFC fighter Jamie Varner bashed Sanko’s on-air commentary.

Sanko immediately fired back at Varner on social media.

“@jamievarner you and I actually fought on the same card in 2011 for Titan FC. We warmed up next to each other in the basement of the Memorial Hall building in KCK. My best friend braided your hair because you couldn’t find anyone to do it. I remember thinking how cool it was at the time to be on a card with you. I had followed your career in the WEC and was a a little star struck to be honest. It’s ok that you don’t like my commentary, but respectfully, I’ve been a part of this game and training since 2006. I’m a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and while I can’t compare my career to yours I have in fact fought. And if ufc had a 105 division I would have fought a lot longer.”

Varner deleted his initial tweets aimed at Sanko but doubled down on why he didn’t like her as a commentator.