Sean O’Malley Believes Sean Strickland Suffering From Mental Health Issues From Sparring Too Much

Sean O’Malley thinks Sean Strickland might need to chill out a bit with the sparring.

Strickland, who goes on bizarre rants on social media about hurting peoplem is notorious for sparring nearly everyday.

During his most recent podcast, O’Malley believes that Strickland might be taking too many hits to the head while sparring which may be contributing to his mental health decline.

“Duh. Anyone that says they literally have desires to k*ll people, probably aren’t doing mentally well. You either love, or you hate- and if you wanna k-ll people for no reason. And he’s honest about it, which it f—-’ pretty crazy.”

“Going in there, sparring, just getting hit in the head. Not that he gets hit in the head that much, but if you’re getting hit ‘not that much,’ but you spar everyday, that adds up.”

Strickland has openly spoken about his mental health and everything that he’s dealing with in recent social media posts.