Ryan Garcia Wants Oscar De La Hoya To Stop Bashing Floyd Mayweather

Ryan Garcia wants his Golden Boy promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, to stop taking shots at Floyd Mayweather.

A few weeks ago, De La Hoya bashed Mayweather for influencing Garcia after the young boxer went on a 3 am run with De La Hoya’s former rival.

“Pre run with Floyd = Ryan wants Haney.” De La Hoya posted to Instagram “Post run with Floyd = Ryan wants Rolly.” “Golden Boy has worked with Ryan Garcia since he turned pro,” “and together have made him the biggest draw in boxing. We will make his fight with Rolly into a huge event, as we always do”. “Floyd, if you want to give Ryan the secret to defense in the ring, that’s great,” he stated. “Other than that, if you are still a promoter like it says here, f— off.”

On Wednesday night, Garcia went on the Patrick Bet-David podcast and said he wanted Oscar to bashing Mayweather in the media.

Via Boxing Scene

“This is my problem with Oscar,” Garcia said on the PBD Podcast. “Stop going to the media and bashing Floyd. There’s no reason.”

“He (De La Hoya) just did that because he was mad,” “At the end of the day, Floyd is influential. It’s a normal conversation we have with people. [Mayweather said], ‘So why don’t you try and get a belt and then go fight Haney for a bigger unification.’ It makes more sense and there’s more at stake. [I said], ‘I don’t know Floyd. I gave the people my word.’ And Floyd said, ‘things change.’ And he gave me—I’m just gonna keep it short and simple—I was like, ‘alright Floyd.’

Garcia maintains that he looks up to Mayweather and will continue to defend him because he feels the retired boxer has a “huge heart.”

“I look up to Floyd a lot. I really do love him. That’s why I went out on a limb to defend him online when I really didn’t have to. because I genuinely know that he has a big heart. Huge heart. Authentic, huge heart. Does he like money? Yes. But he also loves blessing people. He tries his best. Me and Floyd have gotten close. And I really value that relationship. He actually just called me. He just face-timed me.”