Rolly Romero Says He Turned Down Ryan Garcia Fight Because He Was Offered A Better Deal By Amazon

Rolly Romero is being honest about why he turned down a fight against Ryan Garcia.

Last week, Garcia had believed that a fight against Romero was basically a done deal. When it was announced that Romero would be fighting Isaac Cruz, Garcia lashed out on social media.

“Look I was informed the deal was finalizing and it would be announced in the coming days.”

“Obviously That was a lie. ”

“My patience has been tested the last few weeks. I’m trying my best to be as honest and real as I can to you guys.”

“I’ll be looking forward to announcing my next fight. I’m not going to say anything until it’s actually signed and delivered I still look forward to putting on a big PPV for Dazn Boxing. Have a Blessed day.”

While speaking with Inside Fighting, Romero said that promoter Al Haymon offered him a better deal than Golden Boy did and that he preferred to fight on Amazon to a wider audience.

“Al(Haymon) gave me a better offer(than what Golden Boy was offering). And like I said…I’d rather build up Amazon Prime and become a super star than to go build up a sh*tty network(DAZN) that has 300k users. What sounds better…300k users or 200 million?”

In an interview with Fight Hub Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya denied negotiations with Romero ever got serious.

“That’s just brainwashing, you know, from their side,” De La Hoya said. “You know, I don’t even think Rollies knew what was going on. I obviously praised Rollies. You know, I wished him all the best. And, you know, now he’s gonna be fighting, you know, ‘Pitbull’ [Cruz] as an appetizer to the main course, and that’s Ryan Garcia.”