Max Holloway Reacts To Backlash Over His ‘Gladiator’ Comments Ahead Of Justin Gaethje UFC 300 Fight

Max Holloway will fight anybody at any weight and doesn’t care if people think he’s delusional.

Holloway, who is moving up a weight class to fight Justin Gaethje for the BMF title at UFC 300, and told TNT Sports that he feels like a gladiator because weight classes don’t matter to him.

Via YardBarker

Holloway faced criticism for his comments from the online MMA community and he fired back during a recent interview with PlayMaker.

“If I was born in a different time – probably would have been a gladiator…Last time I checked Gladiators didn’t walk around with a scale asking what weight you was…If you’re a “BMF”, you gotta step up and fight anybody…”

“I see the minds blown, everybody being like ‘wait until heavyweight, Francis Ngannou you should fight him’. Bring it on brother. You think I care? That’s why me and you guys is different.

“Even some fighters is worried about certain weights, why? If you’re in the pound-for-pound list you should be willing to fight anybody. That’s what the pound-for-pound list is for.”