Max Holloway Trashes Ilia Topuria On Joe Rogan Podcast

Max Holloway has a bone to pick with Ilia Topuria.

After defeating Justin Gaethje at UFC 300, Holloway has set his sites at the Featherweight champ, who recently beat Alex Volkanovski for the belt.

Holloway has gone back and forth with Topuria on social media in recent days and talked about it during a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast.

“This is the guy we’re dealing with bro. So we had a bible verse-off on Twitter… and he writes like a freaking paragraph to me. I didn’t even read it, that’s how long it was.

It was like an angry girlfriend text. Like my wife don’t even text me like that.”

In a perfect world, Holloway believes he should be up next for Topuria to fight for the UFC featherweight championship.

“In a perfect world to me would be, fight Ilia [Topuria], [145] title, get my hand raised. And whoever is the next guy up at [155], fight them, try and go for double champ status.”

Seems like Holloway has a decent plan to become a future double champ.