Max Holloway Admits He Got Dropped Vs Justin Gaethje At UFC 300

Max Holloway has confirmed that he believed that he got dropped for the first time in his career by Justin Gaethje.

Throughout his illustrious career, Holloway has never been knocked down until UFC 300 where it appeared that Gaethje knocked him down.

The UFC’s official stat counter didn’t credit Gaethje with the knockdown which Holloway thinks is B.S.

“It didn’t count as a drop, which is crazy” Holloway told Joe Rogan. “ESPN is posting and saying like in however many fights I’m with the UFC, I still didn’t get dropped. That’s some bulls–t. Give Justin that one. Like, I’ll take it, you know what I mean? But I wouldn’t be a man sitting here and telling you that he didn’t.”

Holloway described the force of the punch and spoke about why he felt it was a knockdown.

“Bro, all I remember [was] getting hit by that punch, and then like I sat and then I came back up, I was like, ‘Wtf did he just hit me with?’ Holy shit. That was a good punch… I don’t know how that didn’t count as a drop.”