Max Holloway Addresses Move Up To Lightweight At UFC 300

Max Holloway is moving up from 145 to 155 pounds to take on one of the division’s toughest fighters and he feels confident with where he’s at.

On April 13th at UFC 300, Holloway will face off with top lightweight and BMF title holder Justin Gaethje in a fight that has huge implications for the division.

Ahead of his big fight, Holloway talked about the move up to 155 pounds.

“I always felt pretty strong for a 45er. I feel even stronger now at 155. .. I feel more faster too.”

“ .. I feel really strong. Super strong. I think a lot of people gonna be suprised by my strength when I go in there and show the world what’s up come April 13.”

“Everybody keep bringing up the fight with (Dustin)Poirier at [lightweight in 2019], and it is what it is. No excuses.”

“I just had six weeks for that camp. This camp I had 10 or more weeks.”

Last week Holloway talked about being a “gladiator” and not caring about what the scales mean.

“If I was born in a different time – probably would have been a gladiator…Last time I checked Gladiators didn’t walk around with a scale asking what weight you was…If you’re a “BMF”, you gotta step up and fight anybody…”