Keith Thurman And Tim Tszyu Face Off For The First Time Ahead Of March 30th Bout

Keith Thurman and Tim Tszyu are ready to go to war.

Thurman and Tszyu will be featured in PBC’s first fight card at Amazon after Showtime shut down.

Thurman, who has been inactive since February of 2022, is looking forward to stepping back into the ring.

“It’s been a long time coming. I’m looking forward to continuing my legacy with this fight on March 30. Once again I get to kick off a major event. This is what boxing is all about. Action. World Class.

“He’s a slow-footed fighter with a Mexican style. I’ll meet him in the middle of the ring. He’s gonna go home crying.

“They say Tszyu comes from ‘down under’, well I am trying to put you under, mate. He might have watched the video on me, but he doesn’t know. He might have signed the contract, but he doesn’t know what he just did. Bitter for you, but sweet for me!

“Moving up in weight is just something that happens in boxing. I love the legacy at 147 pounds and I got what I could get out of that division.

Tszyu says he’s honored to kick off the PBC-Amazon deal and wants to kick off the “Tim Tszyu” era.

“It’s an honor to be in this position. You only launch something like this once, and I want to launch it in spectacular fashion.

“I want him to bring this same energy to the fight, and not run around like a gazelle. Because I’m definitely knocking him out in under 12 rounds.

“I don’t care about the critics. I’m going to fight whoever I can. I’m John Wick and there’s a list of names that I’m trying to tick off. This is the takeover for me.

“My goal is for the Tszyu name to be the greatest boxing family that ever lived. We’ve made it this far and we’ll see how far we can go.

“I know what Keith is and I know what he’s done, but I think the time is done for him. Now it’s a different era and it’s the ‘Tim Tszyu Era’. I’m not just planning to beat Keith Thurman, I’m planning to make this a spectacle.”

At the end of the press conference, Thurman and Tszyu faced off for the first time.