Kamaru Usman Blasts Sean O’Malley For Wanting Boxing Match Vs Ryan Garcia

Former UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman has an issue with Sean O’Malley wanting boxing match vs Ryan Garcia.

After Garcia put a beat down on Devin Haney last week, O’Malley reignited the idea that he could fight the boxer in a boxing ring after he wins a few more UFC fights.

, “I still gotta become bigger. Two more f—-ing sick performances, then we’re talking about being able to do whatever the f— we want. They [UFC management] told me, ‘You can do a boxing fight one hundred percent if it makes us enough money’.

“The option is there, it just has to be able to make enough money but Ryan [Garcia] being a fu–ing freak like that, you need two A-sides to make a fu–ing Floyd-Conor fight.”

Usman believes O’Malley should slow his roll and clear out the division before considering boxing Garcia.

“[Sean O’Malley] you have one of the deepest divisions of contenders waiting for you. Why are we entertaining you going here and there? … How about we beat up a couple of guys in [your] division first, and cement [your]self as a great in [your] division … before [you’re] even entertaining these gimmick fights?”

It is worth noting that Usman once wanted to box Canelo Alvarez but he had already cleared out his division and was considered one of the greatest UFC welterweights of all time.