Justin Gaethje Gives ‘Mad Props’ To Max Holloway Over UFC 300 Knockout

Justin Gaethje has some high praise for Max Holloway.

Earlier this month, Holloway brutally knocked out Gaethje after urging his opponent to meet at the center of the Octagon.

Now Gaethje is speaking about the loss and admits that Holloway was just the better man that night.

“Max was very good that night. He was very hard to touch. Very hard to punch. Very hard to read.”

“I think I probably went in there with too many misconceptions on what was gonna occur, and it’s not something I allow myself to do too often. So I do think that was a mistake that I made. Having a plan.”

“I went in there, got punched, and I had to make those adjustments, but he was just so good that night that I couldn’t find an answer.”

Gaehtje went on to say how big of a fan he is of Holloway despite the fact that he knocked him out.

“Mad props to him. Been a huge fan of that guy for a long time. He has no idea, but I watch him when he streams his video games. I never thought I would fight him.”