Justin Gaehtje Won’t Let Max Holloway UFC 300 Knock Out ‘Break Him’

Justin Gaethje wants everyone know that he still believes himself despite getting brutally kncked out by Max Holloway.

At UFC 300, Gaethje suffered a devastating knock out in the final round of getting after gettomg challenged to duke it out at the center of the ring.


During a recent interview, Gaethje insists that he feels like skills are still sharp and could be back in title contention with a few wins.

“Nothing from this fight is gonna deter my competitive nature when I’m in a fight.”

“.. I could let this break me. If my skills weren’t there, I definitely would have different questions, but I know for a fact my skills are still there. I’m still able to perform like I always have been able to perform. .. I see no reason to not fight again.”

“.. My potential to fight for a belt has definitely deminished. However, it’s not impossible. I knocked out Dustin Poirier, now he’s fighting for a belt. You never know what this sports gonna bring.”

It’s unclear what the future holds for Gaethje but he will definitely