Rising Star Joe Pfyer Reacts To First UFC Loss

Joe Pfyer cinderella run in the UFC has come to an abrupt end.

After winning his last five fights, Pfyer finally lost to Jack Hermannson via unaminous decision during Super Bowl weekend.

“I’m OK, despite how my face looks,” Pyfer addressed his fans via Instagram video. “I wasn’t rocked. I got punched in the eyeball — couldn’t see. I did a good job on the calf [kicks]. But I feel like the eye, when I lost vision, I fell that round. I lost that round and just couldn’t get it back, and he did a good job on the calf.”

Despite the tough loss, Pfyer fired back at his haters, who were eagerly awaiting his downfall.

“To all my haters, suck a fat d—k. I wasn’t supposed to be here anyway,” he said. “I give it 100% every time. We’ll make adjustments and we’ll come back. Thank you to all my sponsors, thank you to everybody who supports me, and yeah – good job, Jack.”