Joaquin Buckley Vows To Silence ‘Silent Assasin’ Vicente Luque At UFC Atlantic City

UFC welterweight Joaquin Buckley is vowing to make a statement UFC Atlantic City this Saturday.

During his faceoff against Vicente Luque, Buckley told his opponet that he planned to silence him during their fight.

“Let’s go, Vicente. Let’s go. But I like your nickname though. You know I mean? The Silent Assassin. But it’s time to silence the assassin once and for all. Let’s go.”

Buckley told Parry Punch that he plans to break Luque quickly and take him out “expeditiously”.

“I write down my opponent, not just they style and what they good at, but just who they are as a person.”

“And obviously, with Vicente, there’s not much on him. .. So, I feel like for me, the only thing that takes me there with him, is just knowing that he has to depend on God to give him the victory.”

“He cannot depend on himself. He quits in a lot of his fights. I’ma just keep it a buck.”

“When he’s out there, I feel like Vicente Luque is a person that is breakable. And that’s why I said before, that’s why they tried to do him a favor by giving him three rounds, because if it was a five round fight, I’d be bad for my boy.”

“But regardless though, it’s a three round fight, and I plan on going out there and putting it on him expeditiously. Immediately, as soon as we get out there. Putting that pressure on him.”