Joaquin Buckley Confronts MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani About Using Fighters To Attack The UFC

Things got a bit awkward during the most recent episode of MMA Fighting’s ‘MMA Hour” podcast.

On Monday, after Buckley earned a big win against top 11th ranked figther in Vicente Luque, Buckley went on the MMA Hour to be interviewed by Helwani.

During the interview, Buckley accused Helwani of luring fighters into trying to attack the UFC with his line of questioning.

“.You whine about] a lot of things. With a lot of fighters, man. You’ve been in the business for a long time. Obviously you have to respect what you do, and you do it very well.” “.. But me personally, when we come on your show, you try to use us as a weapon against the UFC.” “You use your platform, but you try to set us up lowkey. With certain questions that fighters you already know if we have those conversations and what we try to talk about could have us get in trouble with who we work for.”

A stunned Helwani said that he was just trying to get fighters a platform and wasn’t trying to weaponize anything.