Israel Adesanya Teases UFC 300 Return On Social Media

Could Israel Adesanya come back and fight at UFC 300?

On Wednesday night, Adesanya, who hasn’t fought since his loss to Sean Strickland at UFC 293 in September, caused a bit of stir on social media when he posted a graphic featuring the number 300 in the background.

Du Plessis, the current UFC middleweight champion, said he would fight Adesanya at 300 but only if he’s fully healed up from his January fight against Sean Strickland.

“Nothing is certain yet, but that is what we want to do,” Du Plessis told reporters during a press conference upon his return home. “UFC 300 is a big possibility if my body allows it. I took some punishment obviously with some small injuries.

“I’m not 100 percent sure what the gravity of those injuries are. I’m going to the doctor after this and making sure concussion tests are done, making sure we do the scans, making sure that there’s nothing serious injured. Then UFC 300 is a big, big possibility.”

Du Plessis’ mannager Danny Rubenstein told the Anik and Florian podcast that fighting Adesanya at UFC 300 would make him a ton of money but he would have to be healthy to do it.

“As a champ [du Plessis] now gets pay-per-view points. And just the number 300 alone is going to add 250 or 300,000 buys, just the number. It doesn’t matter who’s on the card. So there’s a huge incentive for him to be healthy and make a play to try and headline UFC 300. He wants to do it, we’ve had the talks. He wants to do it, it’s just about making sure he’s healthy. I think the belt, and retaining his championship is more important.”

UFC CEO Dana White has promised that he would announce the UFC 300 main event this week, so we’ll have to wait if Du Plessis and Adesanya headline the card.