Ilia Topuria Presents UFC Championship Belt At Santiago Bernabeu During Real Madrid Game

Ilia Topuria continues his massive rise as a global superstar.

On Sunday, Topuria presented the UFC champiosnhip belt during a Real Madrid game at the historic Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

UFC CEO Dana White has already confirmed that the UFC is going to Spain following Topuria’s win vs Volkanovski.

“Yes, sure we will go to Spain. We do not know exactly who would be Ilia’s opponent. It remains to be known in what venue and when we will do it, but yes, we will go to Spain.”

The Santiago Bernabeu has been one of the stadiums floated as a possible venue for the upcoming UFC Spain card this year.

Topuria himself is pushing for a fight against Conor McGregor at Bernabeu.

“If it was my decision, I’d fight Conor McGregor,” “That would be the fight I’d aim for, and that’s what I aim for.”

It’s probably unrealistic for Topuria to fight McGregor at Bernabeu, he’s going to probably have to settle with a rematch against Alev Volkanovski.