Ian Garry Vows To Fight Sean Strickland For Talking Trash About His Wife

Ian Garry still has beef with former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Last month Strickland went on a vile tirade trashing Garry’s wife for being a “succubus” WAG and being a pedophile for being older than him.

During his media day at UFC 298. Garry absolutely trashed Strickland over his comments.

“My wife was called a pedophile by Sean Strickland. No woman ever deserves to be called that,” Garry told the media before UFC 298. “The people that follow Sean Strickland commented on a couple of my photos at the very start of this hate saying, ‘Is the kid even his?’ I should never have to hear that.”

“Those two things, they emotionally get me. And I’ll get mine back. I’ll tump the f—ing mouth off Sean Strickland one day and there’ll be nothing he can do about it.”

“I’ll talk to him, I’ll dance in his face, I’ll do whatever I want. Because the truth is, when we get locked into that cage one day, he’s never going to be able to deal with me.”

Considering how big Strickland is, it’s very unlikely the two every fight in the Octagor.

As for Strickland, there isn’t a person in the world that is beefing with him right now.