Ian Garry Puts Pressure On Colby Covington To Sign Contract To Fight

Ian Garry really wants to fight Colby Covington.

For the past few weeks, Garry and Covington have gone back and forth on social media insulting each other.

Garry even tried to challenge Covington to an “I quit” match with the loser have to leave the UFC if they lost the fight but Covington refused.

Now Garry is putting pressure on Covington to sign a contract so they can fight.

“Ask Colby. I’m the one who called him out in the octagon, I’m the one who’s been hounding the UFC.

He hasn’t said yes, that’s it. It’s on him, he hasn’t signed no contract.”

Garry also said he’s looking forward to beating Covington in front of President Trump.

“I’m going to make Colby say that, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna [be] pounding his face on the canvas, I’m going to point his face to Donald Trump and I’m going to be like ‘Say it, say it to your President. Don’t say it to me. Say it to him. I want him to look in your eyes when you say that.’”

Covington suffered a broken foot in his last fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 296 in December and it’s unclear when he’ll be able to return to the Octagon.