Ian Garry Loudly Booed By Fans At UFC 298 Press Conference

Ian Garry has been the center of controversy lately.

Last month, Garry faced criticism when he was angry at fighters like Sean Strickland for taking shots at his wife when he wore a controversial t-shit mocking Geoff Neal’s DUI arrest.

Despite the controversy over the shirt, Garry says that he has absolutely no regrets about it.

“The T-shirt was a f—ng laugh, and it worked,” Garry told the media via MMA Junkie “He didn’t show up, and I believe he was pissed for that first fight and didn’t show up because of the T-shirt.

“Look, I have zero regrets for making that T-shirt. It was funny. The truth is that no one knew who Geoff was. No one knew the fight was booked until I made the T-shirt, and then everybody started talking about it. We’re in the fight game, and we’re trying to sell fights and entertain. After that point, everybody knew about it. Before that, no one knew.”

On Thursday, Garry was booed as soon as he stepped on stage at the UFC 298 press conference.

Garry fired back at the fans booing him.

“Every single one of yall is talking about me.”

Despite the previous bad blood, Neal thanked Garry for making the mughshot shirt.