GSP Believes Jon Jones Is The Greatest MMA Fighter Of All-Time

Georges St-Pierre is regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time, but he has someone else at the top of his GOAT list.

Earlier this week, GSP appeared on the Pound 4 Pound podcast and revealed that he believes Jones is the MMA GOAT.

“It’s hard to find someone better than Jon Jones man. Jon Jones is extremely talented but he’s also extremely tough, people have no idea how tough he is.

“Most of the time when you have a guy that is very talented, it doesn’t come with toughness. Jon Jones is the full package. He’s got everything.”

GSP isn’t the only person to recently name Jon Jones the GOAT. UFC CEO Dana White also said he believes Jones is the greatest fighter to ever grace the Octagon due to his dominance.

“He made no mistakes. People speak of Jon Jones being undefeated. Well, he made a mistake. He did an up-and-down elbow, right? Khabib made no mistakes.

“Even in dominance, he never messed up. He got to 29-0. There’s no one like him. I just saw him in the back and I told him I said ‘hey everybody’s crying but guys we got to have the most dominant champ the UFC has ever seen so cry now and then we celebrate later.’ Just a phenomenal career,”

“Nobody can debate who’s the greatest of all time. It’s absolutely, positively Jon Jones. He’s never been beaten in the octagon, ever.