Gegard Mousasi Accuses PFL Of Dirty Negotiating Tactics With Bellator Fighters After Sale

Bellator fighter Gegard Mousasi is calling out the PFL for their treatment of Bellator fighters.

Two months ago, PFL acquired Bellator in a huge acquisition that sent shockwaves amount the MMA coomunity.

Unfortunately, some Bellator fighters feel they’re getting shortchanged because the PFL doesn’t want to honor their previous contracts.

“I want to fight, but a little bit difficult with PFL. They don’t honor the contract, but we’ll see.”

“They(PFL) took over the contracts, and Bellator fighters make more than the PFL guys, so they trying to cut(salaries), maybe put pressure, a little bit of politics. Let me not fight for a year, and say, ‘Hey, take half(your pay).’ Something like that.”

“When they(PFL) took over, they wanted all the top 10 fighters, that’s what they said. And I think Bellator fighters are also the better fighters. .. But Bellator fighters also get paid more than the PFL guys. So now, they have to cut because they’re not making a lot of money.”

“After UFC, they want to be No. 2. So, they’re now No. 2, I guess. But I don’t hear them making any money.”

It’s clear that there hasn’t been a smooth transition with Bellator fighters within the PFL ecosystem and it’ll be interesting to see if they work things out with fighters.