Dennis Buzukja Says UFC Didn’t Approve His Albanian Flag For UFC Atlantic City Fight Vs Connor Matthews

Albanian-born Dennis Buzukja apparently wasn’t allowed to represent his country for a bizarre reason.

On Saturday night, Buzukja earned a TKO finish against Connor Matthews at UFC Atlantic City.

During his postfight press conference Buzukja revealed that he wasn’t allowed to use the Albanian flag for whatever reason.

“I’m blessed to be representing Albania and it’s crazy, right before I was about to walk out they (UFC) came and told me I can’t walk out with my flag because it had gold trim on it.”

“I was like man you’re going to get me crucified by the Albanian people, I was like s—. Ray (Longo) said just put your hands on this guy (Matthews) and the hands will talk for themselves.”

Last October UFC CEO Dana White declared the end of a “flag ban” that was in place after the Russia-Ukraine war began.

The no flag thing drove me crazy,” “I was like, ‘Yeah, f— that. We’re bringing flags back.'”

It’s unclear why Buzukja’s flag would have caused an issue with the UFC.