Dana White Slams The Media During Interview With Sage Steele

Dana White continues his war against the media.

During numerous interviews, White has talked about why he doesn’t do media anymore because he feels like media outlets are trying to get him to say something controversial for “clicks.”

On Wednesday, White sat down with former ESPN host Sage Steele and once again slammed the media.

“One thing that I really learned, and if you’ve seen my complete hatred for the media these days, I hate the media, I hate them and there very few people in the media world that I would deal with…It’s all about clickbait, it’s about being first and not about being right, they don’t even care, it’s all about getting these clicks, getting attention, you know it’s just become a cesspool of people who are unqualified to even be in that space, there are a handful of real journalists out there that I’ll actually talk to”

It seems like White isn’t interested in patching things up with the media anytime soon.