Dana White Discusses Kayla Harrison And Michael Venom Page Reactions To Signing With UFC

UFC CEO Dana White believes that there’s no comparison to fighting in the UFC.

Earlier this year, White signed two star fighters from outside organizations in Kayla Harrison and Michael Venom Page.

During an interview with Lex Fridman, White talked about the difference in fighting in smaller organizations like PFL and Bellator and fighting in the UFC.

You just saw it with MVP, you’re going to see it with Kayla Harrison and so many others that have come from other organizations

“They notice immediately the difference between fighting here and fighting wherever they were before. It’s not even comparable to the impact it has on you when you leave whatever organization you were with and you come to the UFC”

“MVP when he came, there were probably more people at the press conference than any fight he’d ever fought in on Bellator”