Dana White Calls Kamaru Usman The Greatest UFC Welterweight Of All-Time, Receives Baclklash From GSP Fans

UFC fans don’t agree with Dana White’s latest comments about who is the welterweight GOAT.

During an appearance on the pound 4 pound podcast, White told Usman that he believed that he was the greatest welterweight in UFC history above Georges St Pierre.

“You become a f—king world champion in the UFC, you went through death f—king row of the baddest motherf—kers in the sport in your division that you can possibly fight,” he continued. “So, when you talk about a Kamaru Usman, who went through ‘em f—king twice, you might not like Kamaru. You might not like whatever it is you don’t like about him, but you cannot f—king deny that he’s the greatest Welterweight of all time. You can’t deny it.”

Fans were clearly not happy with White’s comments considering many feel that St Pierre is miles above Usman in the all-time welterweight rankings.

“no disrespect to Usman but he defended his belt against three fighters over three years GSP defended his belt against NINE fighters over five years stop it” said one fan.

“GSP is closer to being the greatest of all time than Usman is to being the greatest WW of all time” commented another fan.

White has a longstanding history of not like St. Pierra which may contribute to his bias here.