Conor McGregor Reacts To New Road House Trailer

Conor McGregor’s acting debut was featured in the new Road House trailer.

In the trailer, McGregor’s character was seen stirring up ruckus and fighting with Jake Gyllenhaal’s character.

After the trailer dropped, McGregor took to social media to express his excitement over his involvement in the movie.

‘Hey fella’s What did you think of my acting debut movie trailer? Hell of a ride! I am now officially the highest paid first time actor of all time, on record, pipping Dwayne Johnson for the top spot. Incredible! Was I worth it? Did the production company make a sound investment? Let me know in the comments. ROADHOUSE TRENDING LIKE CRAZY! A lot of die hard cult fans of the original, and I am one of them, saying they are so excited to see this one. It has been so satisfying to see all the praise and excitement around the film from all! We worked our ass off. Truly! I done all my own stunts. I was thrown off a speeding boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and dragged through the sea underwater holding on to the anchor. Among a few crazy stunts I done. The movie is wild action! Glad the trailer is out and we can’t wait to bring her home! World tour starting soon.”

The new Road House movie featuring McGregor is set to release on Amazon Prime streaming services on March 21st.