CM Punk Doesn’t Regret Fighting In The UFC Despite Losses

WWE superstar CM Punk doesn’t think he failed when he stepped into the Octagon.

After leaving the WWE in 2015, Punk transitioned to MMA and trained for nearly two years before getting his first professional fight. Despite getting dominated by two low-ranked fighters, Punk doesn’t regret his time in the UFC.

“I get it. It’s easy to L-O-L, to make fun of me… I made the weight, I made the walk, I’m 100 percent proud of myself and I would do it again.”

Chael Sonnen reacted to Punk by saying that fighters took issue for how much he got paid to fight in the UFC with little experience.

“He had the courage to do it, he had the opportunity, but he had the courage. And then, out comes the payment and that sent everybody over the edge as well.

“So now, you’ve got a guy with no experience, who has placement on a card and who just made more money. Therefore, he’s a jerk, as opposed to understanding that he did not negotiate. As opposed to understanding that they were willing to give him $2 million, but they offered $750,000 and he said yes because it wasn’t about the money.”