Chris Weidman Reacts To Eye Poke Controversy, Blames Bruno Silva ‘You Gotta Defend Yourself At All Times’

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is not going to give up his victory from this weekend.

On Saturday night, Weidman won a controversial technical decision over Bruno Silva due to several accidental eye pokes by him in the third round of their fight.

’ll never a question a guy if he says he got poked in the eye, but you can’t just drop every time you feel like something’s touching your eyeball.

“You gotta be ready to defend yourself at all times, and he dropped again. I don’t know, was he looking for a way out?”

“You can’t just turn your back and fall to the ground every time that your eyeball feels poked.”

Silva went on to blast Weidman for acting in bad faith after the eye poke and wants the UFC to do the right thing by him.

“Chris Weidman acted in bad faith,” Silva said. “It’s said [by the referee] at the locker room that you can’t fight with your fingers pointing straight, it should be either up or with your hands closed. He spent the entire fight with his fingers pointing at my face, and still celebrated as if he had knocked me out.”