Chris Weidman Doesn’t Plan To Retire Anytime Soon Despite Controversial Win Vs Bruno Silva

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon.

On Saturday night, Weidman earned a controversial technical decision win despite hitting opponent Bruno Silva with several eye pokes.

Weidman believes Silva was at fault for his loss for not defending himself at all times.

Despite the controversial win, Weidman says he’s still having fun fighting the Octagon and doesn’t plan on retiring.

Via MMA Junkie

“I still think I have a lot of potential, and I’ve had a lot of adversity and I still think I have it,” “So, until I don’t think I have it anymore, I’m here. This is fun. I still have my brains. I still got my looks. Until one of those starts going, I’m here, man. This is too much fun, and I think I was meant to do this. I’ve been doing this for a really long time.”

Weidman says he has considered retiring in the past, but he’s in a better place now, especially after getting the W against Silva.

“I’ve considered it plenty of times,” Weidman said when asked about retirement. “I think if I would’ve lost tonight, if I would’ve not gotten my hand raised, it could’ve been the last time. I had that in my mind. If I was in there and I was just, ‘I don’t have it anymore,’ I may have out the gloves down, but it didn’t happen, and I got the win, so here I am.”

As for Silva, he believes he got the raw end of the deal and feels like Weidman acted in “bad faith” for celebrating after two consecutive eye pokes.

It’s currently unclear how the UFC feels about the Weidman-Silva eye poke situation.