Bruno Silva Slams Chris Weidman, Wants Loss Overturned Over Eye Pokes

Bruno Silva felt like he got a raw deal over the weekend.

At UFC Atlantic City, Silva fell when he was poked in the eye several times by his opponent Chris Weidman and the referee believed he was knocked out

After reviewing the eye poke, the decision was changed from a TKO victory for Weidman to a technical decision.

In a social media post, Silva slammed Weidman for “acting in bad faith” and vowed to appeal the loss.

Via MMA Fighting

“We think it’s hard for Chris Weidman to accept a rematch, but the no-contest would be fair,” Silva said. “Let’s see what the UFC does. I just want things done the right way, the fair way. I went there and fought and you didn’t see any malice from my part.”

“Chris Weidman acted in bad faith,” Silva said. “It’s said [by the referee] at the locker room that you can’t fight with your fingers pointing straight, it should be either up or with your hands closed. He spent the entire fight with his fingers pointing at my face, and still celebrated as if he had knocked me out.”

Weidman has already said that Silva was in the wrong for falling to the ground after the eye poke which upset many MMA fans on social media.