BKFC’s Mike Perry Calls Out Sean Strickland, Jake Paul, Bryce Hall And Darren Till As He Awaits Next Fight

BKFC’s Mike Perry is desperate for a fight.

Last December Perry defeated former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez via brutal fashion.

Since then, Perry has been having trouble finding a big name fight in the bareknuckle range.

Perry has gotten so desperate that he has begun calling out Sean Strickland, Jake Paul and Bryce Hall to sparring matches in recent days.

“Can we get @SStricklandMMA@BryceHall@jakepaul and myself all to PR to see who’s the best boxer ? We can do gloves or not, y’all let me know ”

A frustarted Perry reiterated that he’s willing to fight anyone in the bareknuckle boxing cage.

“People keep saying “they can’t” , but that’s just not true, they obviously can , if we have videos of them at the spa with streamers, you can do whatever you want in this world if you put your mind to it. Who wants to take a trip ? Make it worth my while to take time away from family. I look forward to who @bareknucklefc finds for me nex”

Perry is currently scheduled to fight in late April during BKFC’s LA Card but they still have yet to name an oppoent.