BKFC’s Mike Perry And Thiago Alves Faceoff For First Time, Trade Shots Ahead Of BKFC LA/ KnuckleMania 4

Brandon Magpantay, BKFC

Mike Perry and Thiago Alves are set for their upcoming fight at BKFC LA.

On Wednesday, Perry and Alves faced off for the first ahead of their April 27th fight.


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Durng their press conference, Perry and Alves traded shots at each other.

Mike Perry: “I’m going to touch you up, I’m going to get in and out. Let’s see what happens after four minutes. Let’s see if you get up off that stool after four minutes.”

“You think you know what you are watching, but you don’t know anything. Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.”

“You could train for boxing for the rest of your life and never be better than me because I was born with the swagger that I bring into the boxing ring.”

“The best thing he’s ever done is lose to Georges St-Pierre, and Georges St-Pierre couldn’t box in there with me either. He wouldn’t even think about coming here. All I know is, when I get in the ring and I tuck my chin, I’m more violent than you, I’m more savage than you, I want to fight more than you. I would’ve never left for two years.”

Thiago Alves: “I expect a war. Mike is the face of BKFC right now, so he’s an exciting dude to fight. I’m ready, man. I’m ready for this fight; I’m going to be the King of Violence.”

“He’s definitely the face of BKFC right now and he’s been active, but I like my odds. I believe in myself. I believe in my training camp, and I believe in my pedigree. I’m going to go in there April 27 and I’m going to be the King of Violence.”

“Mike is a phenomenal fighter. He’s an exciting dude. I think he’s (expletive) hilarious. It’s a big show. To be able to headline this show against Mike Perry, it’s a great opportunity, so I couldn’t say no.”

“Fans are going to see a beautiful performance by me, putting away the golden boy, Mike Perry.”