BKFC Champ Lorenzo Hunt Fires Back At Sean Strickland For Picking On Social Media Influencers

BKFC double champ Lorenzo Hunt has a bone to pick to with former UFC champ Sean Strickland.

Over the weekend, Strickland went viral when he beat the crap out of influencer Sneako during a live stream.

Since then, Jake Paul and TikToker turned boxer Bryce Hall called out Strickand to a fight.

Strickland appeared to lose his mind with Hall calling him out.

BKFC middleweight and light heavyweight champion Lorenzo Hunt took offense to Strickland’s comments about Hall and issued a response

“I think it’s hilarious that Sean is talking shit to Bryce Hall. Bryce is 165lbs and has 1 fight. I would be happy to step in and put an end to Sean anytime/anyplace. Bareknuckle or however you want it. Send location.”

Strickland apparently hasn’t seen Hunt’s call out because he would have gone off on him as well.