Andrew Tate Says Sean Strickland Is Ripping Off His Ideas

Andrew Tate believes UFC superstar Sean Strickland is ripping off his style.

During an appearace on the Full Send Podcast, Strickland trashed Tate for being a ‘con artist.”

“To see the way he talked with no remorse, it wasn’t, ‘You know what, man? I did something so morally wrong,” Strickland said “I took advantage of men, I took money from men,’ it was like, ‘No, f— them. I’m a con artist, I’m a piece of s—.’

“So, Andrew Tate, you guys, if you want to look up to a guy, look up to a guy like Jordan Peterson. He understands masculinity, honesty, how to be a f—- man, but I’m telling you, Andrew Tate, he’s not your messiah. He would turn you out for a dollar. He’s a f—- pimp, he’s a w—.”

In a recent Twitter post, Strickland spoke about how “The Matrix” is controlling people’s lives.

Tate felt like Strickland’s message was eerily similar to his teachings.

“So he says “hates me” on a podcast but then copies everything I teach.”

“Im not mad.”

“Glad theres more people who understand”

We must free minds.”