Alex Volkanosvki Believes He Could Fight At UFC 300 Months After UFC 298

UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanosvki believes he could still fight at UFC 300 months after beating Ilia Topuria.

It’s currently mid February and there still isn’t a main event for UFC 300 in mid-April.

During his UFC 298 media day, Volkanovski said he was confident he could fight at UFC 300 if he makes easy work of Topuria buy says it would have to be a lightweight fight and not a featherweight.

“I’m more than happy to fight in the UFC 300 main event,” said Volkanovski. “It wouldn’t be a featherweight fight. It would have to be a lightweight opponent, and I’d be more than happy to take that on.”

Despite not having a main event ready, UFC CEO Dana White announced that he believed that a fight would be announced after UFC 298.

“Yeah, I’ll probably – I’ll probably announce it [the UFC 300 main event] – maybe I’ll announce it at the press conference this weekend”

During his Power Slap postfight press conference White said he was looking on adding two more fights to the card.

It’ll be interesting to see how the whole thing works out.