Dricus Du Plessis Fires Back At Israel Adesanya’s Threats

Israel Adesanya took a not-so-subtle shot at Dricus Du Plessis after his latest win and the South African middleweight contender has since fired back.

After UFC 287, Adesanya promised to drag Du Plessis’ carcass back to South Africa with him.

“I don’t want to give this n***** no clout,” said the champion.

“I will whoop that … ugh, I wanna whoop his ass so bad. I wanna whoop his ass so bad. I want to do it in South Africa or Nigeria. But he’s gotta do work. He’s gotta do something. Show me something so I can whoop that ass and I can show you history. I’ll remind you.

“Because you gotta choose your words wisely when you speak on people that have come before you. People that paved the way for you. You’ve got to pick your words wisely. You want to try and be a big boy? I don’t want to give him no clout, but if he does work – and I pray to God he keeps winning – I will gladly drag his carcass across South Africa.”

During an appearance on the MMA Hour, Du Plessis responded to Adesanya’s threats.

“If you want to make threats, come and show me. Come and show me how you’ll drag my carcass around. I would love to see you try.”