Sean Strickland Expects ‘Cowardice’ From ‘Frenchie’ Nassourdine Imavov

Sean Strickland is talking a big game before his next fight against Nassourdine Imavov.

During the media day for UFC fight night, Strickland says he expects cowardice from his french opponent.

“I don’t even know how to f*cking say that name, man,” Strickland said. “Let’s call him the Frenchie. And if we’ve learned anything about the French – what are the French best at? Giving up. So, I haven’t really watched him fight. I know he likes to bang. I know he likes to throw big punches, but he’s still f*cking French, man. There’s a lot of history of cowardice to move on from when you’re f*cking French.

“So maybe he’s going to prove a statement. Maybe he’s going to say that his country has left the cowardice behind, I don’t f*cking know. Only thing the French are good at is having affairs and giving up and losing fights. But we’ll f*cking find out. Maybe he’s different.”

Strickland is currently coming off two losses, one to currently middleweight champion Alex Pereira and

“I got knocked out by a big f*cking Brazilian (Pereira) four, five months ago and I kind of fought like a b*tch (against Cannonier),” “I kinda fought like a b*tch. We can agree. … I don’t f*cking know (what I’ll do differently this time). Listen to the coaches, maybe.”